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China Southern Airline

China Southern airline has its headquarters in Baiyun District, China. This was established on 1st July 1988 where it has become one of China’s Big Three airlines where it is the world’s seventh-largest airline which is measured by passengers carried and it is also said to be Asia’s largest airline in terms of fleet size, passengers carried and also revenue. The main hub of this airline is at Beijing Capital International Airport and also at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport where the airline operates towards more than 2,000 flights which are more than to 200 destinations where it was a member of the SkyTeam until January 1, 2019.

The airline has initiated the frequent flyer program partnership which is with the American Airlines which is in March 2019. The parent company of China Southern Airlines Company Limited is the China Southern Air Holding Company that is said to be a state-owned enterprise and is said to be supervised by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

There are many impeccable in-flight amenities available like:

  • Double-deck cabin which means that there is 40% more capacity for the passengers.
  • When you are on-board, the fresh air changes per three minute because the super-efficient air filtration system circulates the cabin at every three minutes where there are also four high-performance air regeneration devices that have replaced the double air outlets which can refresh you onboard vehemently on the long-distance journey.
  • There is also a sophisticated mood lighting system which can create a special ambience in the cabin
  • In order to create an audiovisual feast, there are many abundant video and audio resources. There is a proficient digital onboard entertainment system which can present more than 600 hours of programming that is with 1,200 channels and is also inclusive of 1,000 Gigabytes of the entertainment.
  • China Southern Airlines is inclusive of adjustable seating’s where there are oversized toilets and also special facilities that are for people with the disability.
  • On the selected routes there are Traditional Cantonese and also Royal cuisine which is on the selected routes. There are champagne and fresh nuts which are served before the departure. There are also beverages and fine wines that have been carefully churned out by the sommeliers. You can experience the traditional Chinese tea culture and also the etiquette which is with the professional tea specialist. You can sip on to freshly brewed cappuccino and espresso coffee. The airline also serves refreshments and snacks from its menu bar.
  • China Southern Airlines has introduced the eight exclusive ‘Platinum’ private suits which offer the impeccable comfort to the passengers and there are also many service amenities. The passengers are availed with six different unique mood lighting choices where there is also efficient private storage cabinet which is inclusive of password lock.
  • The first class is equipped with four exclusive cocooned designed seats which also offers unparalleled flight experience. There is oval black divider which can provide impeccable personal space. There are seats which have built in electronic massage where there are seats which can be reclined in a full flat bed. There are also amenities like in-flight power outlet and also a USB port.