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Q: What documents are required in the airport?

A: It is mandatory for all passengers to present the boarding pass, e-ticket print out, and passport and visa (for international travel).

Q: How many different travel classes are there when it comes to air travel?

A: As per the cabin configuration and in-flight amenities, travel classes are differentiated into three different categories that are First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class. First class travel is the most expensive ticket that could be purchased and with it comes the highest level of service. In first class, you can enjoy the best of in-flight amenities and can fly in luxury. Business class on the other hand also provides premium in-flight amenities and intermediate-level service. Last but not the least; economy class travel is the cheapest means of air travel and also the most commonly used.

Q: What is the difference between nonstop and linking routes?

A: On flying nonstop, the flight does not make a stopover at any airport in between the departure and arrival point. However, linking routes flights as the name suggests halt at numerous airports and while on this route you would have to re-board a different airplane. On the other hand, direct flights do take a halt at various airports and can have more than one departure before arriving at the final stop but a passenger doesn’t need to change the flight.

Q: Will I be receiving a paper airline ticket or an e-ticket?

A: This will be notified to you during the time of scheduling. However, if any changes occur on the same, you will be notified through an email within 24 hours of scheduling.

Q: What can be done if you missed a connecting flight?

A: If you missed a connecting flight from the same airline and the reason behind the missed flight is flight delay or anything due to the airline, then it’s the responsibility of the airline to book tickets for the next flight to that destination. In case if it is the last flight for the day then the airline might make arrangements for the accommodation till the next flight. If the missed flight is your fault, your tour hereafter will be canceled without any refund. Some airlines can charge a rebooking fee or the difference between the two airfares.

Q: What happens to my baggage when traveling through a connecting flight?

A: You usually don’t need to recheck baggage when travelling through a connecting flight, as it will be directed to your next flight to reach the final destination. However, if your journey has a layover, then in that case the baggage needs to be claimed and then rechecked the next day. Also note that if a connecting flight is of a different airline carrier than you were travelling initially, it is advisable to check with the check-in agent and recheck.

In case you missed your connecting flight and your luggage has already been checked, it is most likely that your luggage will reach the place where you were supposed to arrive. For assistance, enquire to locate your baggage in the airline’s ticket counter.


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