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Korean Airlines

Korean Air is said to be the largest airline and flag carrier in South Korea which is based on fleet size, international flights, and international destinations. The airline’s global headquarters is said to be located in Seoul, South Korea. The airline was first founded as Korean National Airlines in 1946 where after several years of service and expansion, the airline was further privatized in 1969.

The airline further serves together for 127 cities which is in 44 countries through the international passenger’s division and related subsidiary cargo division where there is also a domestic division which serves 12 destinations. Korean Airlines is among top 20 airlines in the world which is in terms of passengers carried and is also the top-ranked international cargo airline. The Incheon International Airport serves up as Korean Air’s international hub where the airline also maintains its satellite headquarters campus at Incheon.

Many of the major Korean Air pilots, flight amenities and ground staff are said to be located in Seoul. Korean Air is said to be the parent company of the Jin Air which is further a founding member of Sky Team airline alliance. It was also voted as Asia’s best airline which is by Business Traveler readers in 2012.

There are many impeccable in-flight amenities provided like:

  • Kosmo Suites, Prestige Plus seats, Prestige Sleeper seats and Prestige Plus seats which provides impeccable comfort to its passengers.
  • There is an inflight bar known as Celestial Bar which is in partnership with Absolute Vodka and features a various range of Absolute cocktails which is along with the integrated lounge space. It is said to be located in upper deck Business Class cabin and is only accessible for the First and Prestigious class passengers.
  • There is a Lancome-designed duty-free shop which is said to be located at the rear end of the cabin which is said to be available for all the passengers.
  • On long haul flights, you can curl up to the interesting in-flight magazine called Morning Calm which is more than just a simple in-flight publication. You can view the most breathtaking places around Korea and also all over the world which is with the highest quality design and photography. Morning Calm has been renowned with its creativity where passengers can relax and enjoy.
  • There is in-flight AVOD service where passengers can enjoy different in-flight entertainment free of charge where you can also get connected to the in-flight Wi-Fi through the personal mobile devices. The passengers can also download “the beyond M” wireless AVOD application before boarding up the flight.
  • The in-flight meal service is known as “From Farm to Flight” is a combination of healthy and delectable food which is made from fresh ingredients. There are top-quality dishes catered to all the tastes while still the authenticity of the traditional Korean meals is maintained like pumpkin nutritious rice, Korean Style Dongchimi noodles and bibimbap. There is a formal Korean meal served in courses which also includes appetizers, main course with side dishes and dessert.