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Southwest Airline

Southwest Airlines is based at Dallas, Texas where it is a major American airline and is one of the largest low-cost carriers. The airline was founded in 1967 by Herb Kelleher and was earlier known as Air Southwest Co. During apex travel season, the airline takes in 4,000 departures during the day where its workforce is inclusive of more than 60,000 employees. The airline has taken a flight to more than 102 destinations which is in 40 states and the operating bases are at Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orlando, and Phoenix. The hub and spoke system is not used by the airline where it uses the point-to-point system. Southwest is said to be the largest operator of the Boeing 737 where 752 is in service.

The mission of Southwest Airlines is to offer the highest quality of customer service which is delivered with a sense of company spirit, warmth, friendliness, and individual pride.

The in-flight amenities of Southwest Airlines include free moviessince a good fly time is through a good film where the airline has a wide variety of movies available. The movies can be viewed through the Southwest app so that the flight time of passengers is nothing but entertaining and perfect. There is also messaging and real-time flight tracking information provided through Wi-Fi which is free of cost for all the passengers. The entire in-flight internet access is available to the regular passengers for a nominal fee where it is provided for free to the A-list Preferred Rapid Rewards members.

Southwest Airlines provides the early-bird check-in facility where the passengers can print the boarding pass a day or hours before the flight where the confirmed boarding position will be ready and waiting for the passengers. The travellers can also have a better seat selection option through automatic check-in which is 36 hours prior to the flight departure. If the passengers carry bags, they can board in earlier and select the available overhead bin space.

Southwest has an impeccable in-flight magazine called Southwest: The Magazine which is read by more than 6 million people on every issue. The magazine is inclusive of impassioned storytelling which lays a vehement emphasis on people and places which is also in sync with the brand’s values.

Rapid Rewards is the frequent flyer program of Southwest Airlines where the original program offered a one-credit per one-way flight which is from an origin to the destination where it includes any stops or connection to the Southwest Airlines. If 16 credits were collected in the 24-month period, one free round-trip was awarded which was valid for 12 monthsbut this program got changed to a point system in 2011, which is based on ticket cost. The members of the airline can earn and redeem points which are based on the three-tier fare scale multiplier and are also based on the cost of the ticket. From October 2019, the Rapid Reward points do not expire where there are also more options to use the points.